BIZ.UA domain rules

1. General provisions

1.1. These Rules of the BIZ.UA domain have been established by the Administrator of the domain BIZ.UA Service Online LLC.
1.2. The Rules are the main document that determines the interaction between the Registry and the Registrar, and they are mandatory for compliance.
1.3. The Administrator provides services for the delegation and technical support of third-level domains in the BIZ.UA domain to any business entity that has the necessary technical means and has accepted the Public Agreement with the Administrator, becoming a Registrar.
1.4. The BIZ.UA domain is a private second-level domain that is part of the .UA domain.
1.5. The general purpose domain BIZ.UA is maintained in the interests of the Ukrainian and global Internet community. Registrants choose their domain names at their own discretion.
1.6. Definitions that are used in these Rules and Public agreements between the Administrator and the Registrar, as well as the Registrar and the Registrant:
BIZ.UA domain — is a Ukrainian second-level domain used as a general purpose domain.
Registry — is an information and technical data processing system containing information about registered domains, Registrars, Registrants and the history of changes to this information.
Domain administrator — a person who takes measures for the administrative support of a domain and provides its functionality.
Registrar — a person who provides the Registrant with domain name registration and maintenance services.
Registrant — a person in whose interests the registration and delegation of a domain name is provided.
WHOIS — the service that provides public access to information about the registration data of a domain, in particular the Registrant and the Registrar of the domain name, and can be found at the web-site.
Contact — information about a legal or natural person who performs one of the roles regarding the domain name.
Registration — is a set of technical measures for the creation of a domain name record in the Registry.
Re-registration — is the transfer of rights and obligations raised by using a domain name on the Internet.
Renewal of registration — the procedure for extending the validity of the rights to manage the domain name.
Transfer — is a procedure for changing the Registrar for a domain.
Deletion — the procedure for withdrawal of rights to dispose of a domain name with the following removal from the Registry.
Status change — is the process of assigning a particular state to an object, in which it receives special properties that are in effect for the period of the set state string within the life cycle of the domain.
Authorization code — a unique code which is generated automatically during domain registration.
Life cycle of the domain — is the interval from the moment оf domain registration to the moment when it is actually deleted.

2. Qualities of the BIZ.UA domain

2.1. The BIZ.UA domain can consist of: letters of the latin alphabet (a-z), numbers (0-9), dash (“-“).
2.2. The BIZ.UA domain length should not exceed 1 to 63 characters.
2.3. The BIZ.UA domain cannot start or end with a dash “-“.
2.4. The BIZ.UA domain is delegated for a period of 1 to 10 years.
2.5. Emoji registration is available for the BIZ.UA domain.
2.6. The administrator of the BIZ.UA domain supports the registration of IDN domains in accordance with the rules for registering IDN domains of the .UA domain.
2.7. CUNIC registration database is used in contacts of the third level of domains.
2.8. The BIZ.UA domain registry has some domain names, which are not available for registration. For example, www.BIZ.UA.
2.9. Information about the delegation and administration of BIZ.UA domain names is stored in the registration system of the Administrator of the BIZ.UA domain.
2.10. Information

3. Features of the functioning BIZ.UA domain.

3.1. The life cycle of third-level domains in the BIZ.UA domain consists of the following main stages:

  • period of actual registration (Registered) — from 1 to 10 years;
  • grace period of renewal (Renew Grace Period) — 30 days;
  • actual deletion period (Pending Delete) — 5 days.

3.2. Applications for delegation of the BIZ.UA domain name are processed automatically from the moment when the Registrar receives confirmation of the acceptance of the application for the input queue from the registration system of the BIZ.UA domain. Applications for delegation of domain BIZ.UA are processed in the order they were received in the input queue of the registration system of the BIZ.UA domain.
3.3. The procedures and aspects of work with the BIZ.UA domain for Registrars are posted in the Documents section on the Administrator’s website.
3.4. The BIZ.UA domain may not be used to host and distribute phishing sites, SPAM materials, erotic and pornographic materials, information about the sale of drugs etc., which violate national and international laws.
3.5. The Administrator has the right to verify the data of the Registrant. If it is necessary, the Administrator has the right to demand from the Registrar additional data of the Registrant which is identifying him.
3.6. The Administrator and Registrar of the BIZ.UA domain are not responsible for the violation by the Registrant of copyright, related and other rights of third parties, national and international laws.
3.7. The administrator has the right to block the BIZ.UA domain name with its subsequent deletion in the event that the Registrant provides false information about the Registrant’s person, or other obvious violations by this registration of the current legislation of Ukraine, or the Rules of the BIZ.UA domain, or by a court decision.

4. Protection of personal data

4.1. Personal data is provided by Registrants to the Registrar for the purpose of delegation of domain names and is permanently stored in the registration system. The current state of this information may be publicly available in real time through the WHOIS system or a similar service.
4.2. Personal data of individuals in the understanding of the Law of Ukraine “On the Protection of Personal Data”, the Registrar uses (including transfers for registration of domain names) after obtaining the relevant consent of the Registrant in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.
4.3. The purpose of personal data processing is the possibility of delegation of the BIZ.UA domains.
4.4. The scope of personal data is determined by the purpose of their processing.
4.5. Deletion of personal data is carried out upon a joint written application of the Registrant and the Registrar.
4.6. Personal data may be transferred to Administrators and Registrars of other domain zones, administrative persons and entities responsible for the technical organization, administration and support of the address space on the Internet.
4.7. The administrator takes all necessary measures to protect personal data from unauthorized access, modification, disclosure or destruction, ensuring their integrity and prevention of illegal receipt by taking measures necessary to ensure proper protection of personal data. These include, but are not limited to: encryption, two-factor authorization, verification of the collection and processing of personal data.
4.8. Personal data of Registrants may be hidden or open (public) without the prior consent of the Registrant and the Registrar.
4.9. The personal data of registrants are confidential information and can be provided at the request of judicial, law enforcement agencies in the form as they are specified in the WHOIS database.

5. Domain disputes

5.1. Domain disputes in the BIZ.UA domain are considered in accordance with these Rules, the Public Agreement concluded between the Administrator and the Registrar, and taking into account the current legislation.
5.2. The term “domain dispute” within these Rules means any dispute that may arise in connection with these Rules and their application, including in connection with the delegation, redelegation, de-delegation and use of domain names in the CO .UA domain.
5.3. The moment of occurrence of a domain dispute will be considered the receipt by the BIZ.UA Domain Administrator of a copy of the statement of claim or complaint.
5.4. From the beginning of a domain dispute until its resolution, the BIZ.UA domain Administrator has the right to block any changes to the records of the disputed domain name.
5.5. The Administrator of the BIZ.UA domain is not responsible for the consequences of the implementation of court decisions which have entered into force.

6. The procedure for amending the Rule

6.1. If it is necessary, the Administrator is authorized to make appropriate changes to the Rules of the BIZ.UA domain.
6.2. Changes to the Rules are published on the website of the Administrator, and the Administrator sends a corresponding notice of the changes to the Registrars.